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Independent School Education

In today's South Africa, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you prepare your child for the best future possible. State schools often lack the facilities and the quality teachers that is required to pass on A+ eduation. SA Private Schools web ensures you can find the school of your choice - quickly and simply. Don't let your child suffer. Find a school today.

Private Schooling for all ages

Start your children's education the right way. Children are given the best opportunity of succeeding when they are introduced to private education in their formative years. We understand that private schools cost more, but we have many private schools who charge very affordable school fees. Why not select a city or a school and inquire about fees for your child(ren).

School Calendars for 2018

Here you will find the school holidays for private schools in South Africa for 2018. The calendars are laid out for schools that do 3 term years, and for those that do four term years. Please check with your particular school, as many private schools fall outside of these dates, as they are within their rights to establish dates that suit their schedule best.

Private Schools offer exceptional sports

It is no secret that private schools are equipped better than most government schools, because parents chip in over and above school fees to ensure their schools have the best sporting facilities and coaches.

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SA Private Schools web has enjoyed a high number of users since the launch of the web site in 2002. The web site sees more than 10,000 unique users every month and is consistently serving admissions enquiries to hundreds of schools every month.