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Cancele has been in the business of education for over 80 years. The school offers a holistic education offering. Education is a cyclic loop forming a triangle of Head, Hand and Heart. At the center of Cancele's existence is GOD. "For GOD so loved the world that he gave HIS one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:6). Cancele ignites this to all students and staff to recognize GOD as the sole bearer of wisdom. Cancele is a Seventh Day Adventist school. The school's eduction system tackles all facets of children's development. The school prides itself in the fact that it has injected responsible leaders for societies in the world. When students leave the school, they are prepared for the challenges of the world.

Cancele Senior Secondary School is in the heart of the Eastern Cape in the village of Cancele in the Town of Mount Frere. The school boasts about it surrounding with rivers, fountains and moutains of which it is in the center. Entering the vicinity of Cancele, you are welcomed by natures fresh breeze of air and birds with melodious sounds. Cancele is a Seventh Day Adventist institution. What sets Cancele apart is the triangle of H (Head, Heart and Hand). This triangle is the foundation of our education which aims to train all spheres of a student. This is translated into Academic, Religious and Physical work. Our student are trained to tackle life in all spheres and are taught to be responsible. At the core of Cancele's education is GOD. We are a Christian institution and that insight is imparted through to our students and is upheld by our staff


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