Elsen Academy, Port Elizabeth

School Information: Elsen Academy




21 Bird Street Central Port Elizabeth 6001 South Africa


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Grades Taught

Primary - Gr.1 - Gr.7
High - Gr.8 - Gr.12


Reception: +27 (041) 582 3289    Principal: Mr. Mark Barclay


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Elsen Academy was founded on the belief that every child should be given the opportunity to learn and to reach their full potential. The learners who come to Elsen have individual needs which must be addressed by suitably trained specialists. Through a range of onsite interventions, we help our learners to overcome their barriers and to promote them to their next level of development. At Elsen Academy, we work towards a common goal, that is to help our learners to reach their full potential. An independent NPO, we cater for those learners who have special needs, but limitless opportunities. We believe there are No Limits to Learning.


Elsen Academy Primary School
Grades 1 - 7
CAPS curriculum


Elsen Academy High School
Grades 8 - 12
CAPS curriculum with exams written through SACAI




Elsen Academy Vocational School (skills vs marks)
Prac class (10 - 13 yrs of age)
Bridging class B (13 - 14 yrs of age)
Bridging class C (15 - 16 yrs of age)
Senior Combined (16yrs - 19 yrs of age)
ABET curriculum Levels 1 - 4 with exams written through IEB







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