Victory Christian School, Jeffreys Bay

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It is the mission of Victory Christian School to equip students of Christian parents to thrive spiritually, academically, socially and physically, now and in the next facet of life.

Students will receive an excellent Christian Education at a reasonable tuition cost, which are both nationally and internationally recognized and will be equipped to thrive in future academic studies. The standard of education will exceed the national average. Low finances will not prevent enrolment for students from qualified Christian families to the extent of available financial aid.

Students are equipped with an integrated, Biblical worldview in accordance with the school's statement of faith. Students will be encouraged to grow in their Christian walk and will reach out to their peers and the entire community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Students will be offered a quality extra-mural program which includes various sports and cultural activities in which all students must participate. The school will be governed and managed in accordance with Biblical stewardship principles.



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