Redwood College, Potchefstroom

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It is a tremendous honour and privilege for me to lead this amazing school that God has given to us as a blessing for our area and community. We are focused on building friendships together for a Spirit-filled life where each one of us is a shining light in the world.

I personally dream that every child that is part of the Redwood family will forever be changed to follow our heavenly Father's ways and that our testimony will be like a lighthouse for all to see. Our school has been blessed in so many ways by our Father in heaven, that it is sometimes difficult to comprehend. I am forever grateful for what we have received and for being part of the Redwood family.

Our school is about making memories and changing lives. We have 13 years, from Grade R to Grade 12, to offer our pupils the best possible education, but more than that - we have 13 years to generate memories of funned engaged learning, and that school is a good place to be. We are a relationship-based school and every child is UNIQUE. I am excited to embark on this journey together, and my prayer for our school is that we will 'Stand Tall' and "Be a light for all to see" - Matthew 5:16.

May the Lord keep you and bless you.
Zelda Botha