Province: Western Cape
Abeille Ruche School
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School Information:  Co-educational school     Founded: 2000
Located AtMonte Vista, Goodwood

Century City Campus - (Grade 1 - 4) Monte Vista Campus : (Grades 5 - 9)
Christian based education


         Telephone: (+27) 021 824 1155 (Century City)
         Telephone: (+27) 021 021 559 8902 (Monte Vista)

Principal Century City - Elizabeth Simpson
Principal Monte Vista -  Megan Crommelin

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Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision that will have an impact on his/her current happiness and future aspirations. In our unique, “home-school” environment, your child comes first; and we share a commitment to you as part of the extended Abeille Ruche family. We are proud of the achievements of our pupils over the years, both in what they have achieved while with us and into their lives beyond Abeille Ruche School. Situated in Century City and Monte Vista, Cape Town, offering academic and cultural excellence to our talented learners – who excel in closely controlled class sizes under the guidance and individual attention of experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers.

  • Bully-free zone

  • High academic standards

  • Individual attention

  • Focus on values & self-esteem

  • Christian approach

  • Professionally qualified, experienced teachers

We foster a warm, caring, purposeful atmosphere in our classrooms where all children can gain success. We have high expectations of behaviour and standard of work. Our pupils participate in the formulating of classroom rules and are expected to take ownership of their own academic progress and behaviour. Hence, they are not overburdened with excessive rules. A positive approach is
followed, where the pupils are encouraged to develop self-discipline and to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.


With a firmly entrenched commitment to the development of each child in a faith based, personal and caring environment, Abeille Ruche School produces confident, happy, self-disciplined children with high academic grades. Abeille Ruche School started as a home school in 2000, and following the proven success of our approach to education, has grown to offer classes from Grades 1 to 9.



Are you concerned about:

  • Overcrowded classrooms?

  • Dropping academic standards?

  • Peer group pressure?

Such conditions have a profound effect on children's ability to achieve their potential. Hence we offer:

  • Tuition for Grade 1 - 9

  • High academic standards

  • Well qualified, experienced teachers

  • Individual attention

  • A stimulating environment

  • Assistance with problem areas

  • A Christian approach

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