Aristokids School, Durbanville

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To ensure that we provide a quality, stress free service to our parents, while creating a relationship of trust and confidence in the fact that your child is being cared for to the highest of standards.

We believe that the people directly responsible for taking care of our children are of the utmost importance, and creating a pleasant and well organized work environment that enables them to care for our children with love and kindness, patience and compassion is an absolute priority for us.

Our children are the most precious people in our lives. The stage between birth and five is one of the most critical phases in their lives, where each and every experience will ultimately determine what kind of person our child will grow up to be. This is the time where we subtly guide our children and instill in them a sense of independence, respect for each other as individuals, and through the examples we set and the environment we create for them, teach them about kindness, patience, friendship and love. These are the values we pride ourselves in at Aristo Kids.


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