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At Curro Castle Brackenfell, we believe in the magic of childhood, the joy of being young and the unbridled innocence of youth. Learning to think critically may be one of the most important skills today's children will need for the future. Here we inspire young minds to be extraordinary. We believe that our little stars should be given the chance to safely explore the world by using all five senses. Life is a big adventure after all! At our school learning through play is key!

We first opened our doors in January 2015 with our mission being to guide your children with compassion through appropriate and meaningful quality education in partnership with you, their parents and guardians. The themed Curro Castle Brackenfell comes complete with detailed fantasy surroundings for children, a story queen, a healthy and balanced daily menu for your young ones, fun-filled holiday programmes and lots of fun educational activities.

We have created an environment where children can be cherished with love and prepared for the world outside by qualified educators through relevant Christian education. We want to provide peace of mind to all our parents, knowing that their child is loved and well cared for.

Quick facts:

  • Boys and girls
  • Parallel-medium classes - English and Afrikaans
  • 3 months to 5 years (Group 1 to Group 5)
  • Controlled class sizes
  • Monday to Friday - 07:00 to 18:00


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