Divine Heritage Christian College, Cape Town

School Information: Divine Heritage Christian College



Block A03, COLLINGWOOD PLACE,9 Drake Street, Observatory, Cape Town 7925


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Co-educational High School


(Grade 8 - Grade 12)


Christian School


+27 73 968 2316  // +27 73 690 6065           



Our mission is to support a model high quality international level school offering a cost-effective, broad, and challenging educational program to students in South Africa and beyond.


Driving the mission of DHCC are these values by which we operate:

  • Christ-Centred having the life and teachings of Jesus Christ permeate every aspect of the school program.

  • Character having teachers and students who reflect a Christ-like character, including the characteristics of love, self-sacrifice, compassion, grace, honesty, and integrity.

  • Commitment having a school community that accepts and demonstrates commitment to Jesus Christ, the church, and humanity.

  • Excellence having the highest level of quality inherent into every aspect of the school program.

  • Knowledge having educators committed to infusing spiritual development with knowledge to allow students to reach their maximum potential.

  • Accessibility being accessible and affordable to all who are willing to make Christian education a sacrificial priority.

  • Diversity promoting and nurturing respect for the diversity found in God's creation, including differences in ethnicity, economic status, capabilities, social backgrounds, physical attributes, gender, and religion.

  • Relationships developing positive relationships with all members of God's family by living a caring, loving lifestyle. Service - following Christ's example, with

  • administrators, teachers, students and the larger school family modelling a pattern of lifelong service to God and humanity.
    Holistic providing students an education that emphasizes development of spiritual, mental, physical, and social abilities in preparation for living a positive, happy life on this earth and throughout eternity in heaven.



Students who express an interest for a Christian education and a willingness to abide by the standards adopted by the school are invited to apply. An application form with details of previous school attended and details of parents and or guardians should be filled out. The procedure for admission of new students includes:


  • A home visit

  • Interview of parent and student to be

  • A recruitment Camp

They will need to fill out an application that will be reviewed by the Admission Committee. This committee has the authority to accept or deny any application. Parents will be notified of the decision of this committee.


Admissions Enquiries - click here