Helderberg High School Somerset West

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Helderberg high school is a small private school. Situated on a peaceful campus on the foothills of Helderberg mountain. Our staff believe in Christian-based education and endeavour to create a caring environment in which each child is unique. Although our campus is new, the high school was established more than 75 years ago. We have an excellent matric pass-rate and a high standard of education.


Primary School

Helderberg Primary School is an Independent Christian School which has been in operation since 1928. It is held in high esteem by the community for its nurturing and individualised development of its children in a caring, well-disciplined environment. The educational programme of our school gives primary emphasis to the development of Christian values in the lives of its learners. This programme is strengthened when parents support and model these positive values and encourage their children to uphold the Christian standards of the school. Every effort is made to work closely with parents for the well-being of each learner. Parents are thus encouraged to become involved in their child’s school programme. Our dedicated staff will do everything in their power to ensure that your child is happy and is given the opportunity to develop into a well-balanced individual who is able to continue with his/ her schooling at any chosen high school. I thank you in anticipation for the valuable contribution which you will make towards moulding our youth.



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