Herschel Girls School, Cape Town

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As a school we thrive on the energy, respect, productivity and confident engagement that is daily evident in the classrooms, on the playgrounds and amidst the myriad of activities and social interactions of Herschel girls. From the early years of the Little Lambs and Cuddly Kittens all the way through to the demanding years of Senior School our teachers know and care for their students, understanding that girls will grow up to be confident, resilient, creative and successful when they feel intrinsically valued.

Here at Herschel, at every level, expectations are high, opportunities abound, role models are plentiful, values are fundamental and accomplishment is valued as staff work in partnership with parents to ensure a quality and supportive learning experience. We believe that every girl deserves the opportunity to grow, to demonstrate her talents and discoveries and be acknowledged for who she is and what she brings to her learning experience.


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