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Hout Bay International School is more than a school - it is a community of diverse individuals and families, a centre for academic excellence, for some a home away from home and yet more importantly a family for all those that are part of it. Few schools can boast that they belong to two international organisations spanning across almost every continent of the globe. The first being the International Education Systems (IES), a family of international schools committed to quality educational experiences for all who attend and, second, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), renowned for its high quality and rigorous academic programme.


Hout Bay International School:

  • is a member of a worldwide network of international schools which work together, share expertise, and offer cultural and linguistic exchanges

  • Focus on the individual student, through small classes, mentoring and a system of personalised learning

  • Stress Internationalism, whether through International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes or national programmes that includes an emphasis on Internationalism and International Mindedness

  • Promote the learning of multiple languages as a key skill in a globalised world

  • Promote academic rigour

  • Stress the development of character, self-discipline and learning how to learn

  • Are flexible about the distinctive needs of the different societies and communities which they serve


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