SomerStrand College, Gordon's Bay

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Due to the unique approach to education and care we have been the leaders in almost every area within early childhood development. Koala Kidz were the first educational institution to offer the following:

  • Small Classes with two educators per class

  • A fully bilingual school from 6 months old

  • Fully integrated nursery, pre-school, preparatory school & High School providing an uninterrupted educational experience from 6 months old to Grade 11

  • Full day care with 4 meals per day prepared by a qualified chef

  • 4 Menu's developed by a nutritionist
    (vegetarian, normal, baby and allergy accommodating menu).

  • A developed sports field with professional sports coach offering Soccer, Rugby, Athletics, Cross Country etc.

  • Provide remedial, occupational and speech therapy on site therefore not requiring parents to take time off during the day to ferry around their children.

  • A number of other extramural activities including ballet, Playball etc.

  • The first ever Junior Interschool in the Helderberg.



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