The Vine Christian School, George

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In our decaying society, where moral standards, ethics and family values are traded for instant gratification, ill-discipline and Godlessness, we believe that we are placed strategically by God to influence and motivate our learners academically and spiritually.

It is therefore our Vision:
"To impact, guide and assist every learner to their full God-given potential through excellent academics and character development, to become an effective and contributing member of society, living with purpose and intent."

"To enable every learner to develop their skills & knowledge on all levels of their being, as a foundation for career development, in order to uplift and enrich their communities. To assist learners in developing a strong Biblically based value system, respecting God, the Creator of life in all its forms. To assist learners to take responsibility for their own destiny, whilst cultivating a attitude of faithfulness and gratitude to God."



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