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The Blair Atholl Schools are situated in the Lanseria area, north of Johannesburg and provide quality education to the learners of this marginalised community. Blair Atholl Primary School, which is state funded with some additional funding from the pre-school, provides education to some 480 learners from grade 1-7. While the Pre-school, relies totally on private funding and caters for 100 learners from the ages of 3-7. The pre-school has been in operation for 19 years now and as there are very few other pre-schools in the area, it is vital that the children from the surrounding impoverished communities receive some stimulation and education in preparation for their entry into formal schooling.


The Blair Atholl Schools offer a unique educational opportunity which goes beyond the four walls of the classroom, providing the children with a stimulating and diversified programme that incorporates sports and cultural activities, including a music centre, library and small computer centre. The pre-school also offers a feeding scheme to its learners, which provides the children with two meals a day. The pre-school has four classes of 25 children in each, each with their own qualified teacher, and one assistant teacher who divides her time between the classes.


A school bus is provided to ensure that the learners travel to school safely and on time and is vital to the project, as many of the learners have very long distances to travel and would otherwise not have any access to schooling.


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