Brandcliff House, Fairland

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Founded in 1997, it is an established independent high school with a proud reputation for caring about individual students and nurturing them into well-rounded, confident young adults. We practise an open door policy that enables students to discuss any issues with the teachers after classes and with the principal. We offer affordable quality education that enables students to pursue their dreams.

At a time when teenagers need the most attention, they often get the least. Teenagers need to be able to communicate their problems and, in so doing, get assistance in resolving them. This is one of our major aims. Whether a child is academically strong, average or weak, more individual attention is beneficial.

Each child has individual talents. We are here to assist each one to find and develop these talents. We offer small classes, giving children more individual attention in a friendly but disciplined atmosphere. The aim of Brandcliff House is to produce young people with a strong sense of self worth and individuality.



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