Marist Brothers Linmeyer

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East Street, Linmeyer, Johannesburg

Type of school

Independent, Catholic, Coeducational School

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Boys and Girls


Grade 00 - Grade 12


011 435 0646


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Principals Mr Tony Williams (Primary)     Mr Gary Norton (High)    Mr Burton Saunders (Operations)



About Our School

Marist Brothers Linmeyer proudly opened its doors in 1966. This year we celebrate 53 years of Academic Excellence. We are a Catholic, Independent, Coeducational School offering education from Grade PR to Grade 12. Our academic environment is founded in France by St Marcellin Champagnat in 1817 and has over two centuries of experience in the field of holistic education. Our educational environment is founded on creativity and innovation and fosters engaged critical thinkers with excellent problem-solving skills. By establishing a love for lifelong learning, self-direction and ongoing personal development, we fuel our students' entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirits. Our focus on social responsibility and cultural and environmental awareness means that they become ethical citizens of the world, committed to changing it for the better.


The early years are critical for your child's intellectual, emotional and physical development, and our every action keeps this in mind. Our learning methods and equipment are stimulating, creative, interactive and, where relevant, digital. Age-appropriate Religion lessons are also incorporated into our curriculum. High School years are a time of incredible growth and transformation. Over a relatively short period of time, they nurture and fine-tune their passions, personalities and ways of interacting with the world. During this time, we believe that it's our responsibility to create a safe and enabling environment in which your child feels supported to become the person they are meant to be. At Marist Brothers Linmeyer, your child's school years are not simply the foundation for their lives, but a launch pad for their futures.



Marist Brothers Linmeyer endeavours to make use of contemporary facilities, which are constantly upgraded in line with educational trends. Impressive specialist blocks have been built on the campus to accommodate the educational needs for the future. Our modern centres provide students with the opportunity to access skills' training vital in the modern business world.



A diverse resource centre boasts the following areas: a Conference Room, an Auditorium, an Amphitheatre, a Primary School Library, a High School Library, a Picture Book Section, a Reference Section, a Teacher's Reference Section, a Parental Resources Section, a Computer Room and an Audio-Visual Room. An up-to-date Pre-School with a Therapy Centre caters for our Reception Phase. Spacious sports' fields; Tennis, Netball and Basketball courts, as well as an eight-lane, 25m Swimming pool enhance the abundance of fine facilities provided. Our Marcellin Jubilee Centre houses our Aquatic and Music Centre. The heated 25m pool, only 1m deep, serves as the perfect facility to sustain our 'Learn-to-swim' programme for juniors during the year and assists selected top swimmers with their winter training programme.  A variety of musical elements such as Piano, Guitar and Drumming etc. are available in our Music Centre.



Extra-Curricular Activities:

A wide range of extra-currciular activities are available to suit every interest and ability and our Learn-to-Swim pool ensures that every child feels safe and comfortable in the water. Our community outreach programmes are introduced to our children from Pre-School onwards. In this way, we help to grow young hearts, minds and bodies.


Pre-School: During the Reception Phase, students are introduced to initial swimming skills by one of our Pre-School teachers who is a fully-qualified swimming teacher. Although no official school sports are offered in the reception phase, we do offer Play-ball, Golf, Pottery, Art, Ballet, Tennis and Active Kids.



Primary School: Cricket, Swimming, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Girls' Soccer, Netball, Archery and Table Tennis.


High School:  Archery, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Tennis and Water Polo.




Each grade in the Pre-School and Primary School selects an outreach project for the year. We encourage our students to become active participants and to support their chosen outreach programme. This is completed in the hope that, by the end of Primary School, an increased awareness of the world around them will be created and that the importance of their contribution later in life will become evident.



In High School, we encourage our students to get involved in community projects. A long-standing outreach initiative, the Co-workers, visits orphanages, old age homes and shelters on a regular basis and strives to improve the situation of the people they come into contact with, by supplying food, clothing and Christmas gifts. In addition to sharing our resources, these projects help the students to grow and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride within themselves.



Subjects offered for FET Phase:

We offer the following compulsory and elective subjects:

Compulsory Subjects

  1. English (Home Language)
  2. Afrikaans or isiZulu (First Additional Language)
  3. Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy
  4. Life Orientation (Guidance and Physical Education)

Elective Subjects (choose 3)

  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Application Technology (CAT)
  • Dramatic Arts\
  • Engineering Graphics and Design (EGAD)
  • Geography
  • History\
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Visual Arts

8th Subject Options (non-compulsory)

  • Advanced Programme Mathematics
  • Advanced Programme English



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