Michaelmount Waldorf School, Bryanston

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Founded in 1960 by a group of progressive parents, Michael Mount Waldorf School is a mainstream school that focuses on educating the whole child using the educational principles laid down by Dr Rudolf Steiner. We provide an age-appropriate, child-centred curriculum ensuring that our children experience wide-ranging subject matter that gives them a real sense of the world in which they live.

The Waldorf curriculum is an integrated Primary and High School system with the developmental stages of the child being the basis upon which subjects are introduced. The Main Lesson, which takes place in the first two hours of the school day when the children are at their most attentive, provides an in-depth exploration of any given subject. Each main lesson block lasts approximately four weeks, during which time children learn to approach the topic using all of their senses, to feel, think and experience the subject, making it their own. Their enthusiasm for learning can be seen in the quality of the self-made books that each student creates for the main lessons.



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