Bishop Bavin, Bedfordview

Important School Information: Bishop Bavin, Bedfordview


19 St Georges Road, Bedfordview
Type of school Independent Catholic School


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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

Grade R - Grade 12 (Pre-Primary, Primary and High School)


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Our School

Bishop Bavin School aims to provide a learning environment which is stimulating, caring, vibrant and encouraging of enthusiasm, creativity and enjoyment for learning.

Unique and Outstanding
Bishop Bavin School does not provide a child with an education; it provides a child with a unique and outstanding education which allows him/her to become extra-ordinary.
Matric Pass Rate: 100% over the last 4 years
FET Phase: More than 10 elective subjects on offer from Grade 10
Tertiary Education: 97% of our matrics qualify for tertiary studies either with degree or diploma passes





Bishop Bavin Nursery School
Play School: (Birth - 3 Years)

We have 2 two groups in our Playschool:

  • The BLUE Group caters for children from 4months - 2years

  • The RED group caters for children aged 2-3 years old.



The Playschool follows the NELDS Curriculum (National Early Learning and Development Standards) as prescribed by the Department of Education, together with the Early Child Development Curriculum as endorsed by ISASA Independent Schools Association) Comprehensive reports are issued at the end of each term.

Our children spend a stimulating day at school, both indoors and outdoors. A lot of focus is placed on art activities and the weekly themes are interesting, age-appropriate and educational. The children particularly enjoy the weekly music lessons. Our playground is bright and interesting, offering a variety of stimulating activities.



Bishop Bavin Junior School

Grade 1
In Grade One, we as educators, constantly strive to create a home away from home ... an environment of caring, loving, nurturing as well as moulding and shaping each child by challenging their minds and touching their hearts. We focus on social, emotional intellectual and physical skills on a daily basis.

Our main learning areas include Language, Mathematics and Life Orientation. These are all integrated in order to ensure a meaningful learning experience.

With the introduction of Reading Eggs and Mathletics, our little ones are streaks ahead with our new technology and are learning while "playing". We are so proud of their achievements!

In Grade One the learners have rights:

Be safe;
Be respectful;
Be responsible and;
Be healthy

We strive to work together as a team, involving teachers, parents and children.

Bishop Bavin Junior School
Extra-Curricular Programme

Team Swimming (Grades 1 - 3)
Learn to Swim (Grades 1 - 3)
Mini Cricket (Grade 1 - 3)
Cricket u/9
Mini Tennis (Grade 1)
Mini Basketball (Grade 1 - 3)
Chess (Grade 1 - 3 )
Drama (Grade 2 - 3)

Academic Support Nominal or private costs:

Gardening Club (Grade 1)
Squash (Grade 1 - 3)
Karate (Grade 1 - 3)
Flip flop (Grade 1 - 3)
PlayGolf (Grade 1 - 3)
Ballet (All Ages)
The Nutty Scientist (Grade 1 - 3)
Arts and Crafts (grade 1 - 3)

Grade 2

As the children enter Grade 2, they are becoming more proficient in working independently and developing greater social skills. They are now able to verbalize more clearly and progress as confident readers, able to recognize words and construct meaningful sentences.

Their language, punctuation and comprehension skills are developing and story writing is becoming more evident. In the Grade 2 classroom, there is a lot of focus on number concept and number sense. The children become aware of different methods and strategies in calculations and problem solving is promoted.

Measurement, time and money are concepts that are reinforced throughout the year. It is imperative for the children to listen attentively and follow verbal and written instructions adequately, and this is achieved through assessment tasks which are completed during the term.

Life-skills is a subject done on a continuous basis as creative Artwork is completed and personal and social knowledge skills; discussed. The Grade two's also complete projects and 3D constructions related to specific themes. With the integration of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) into our Life-skills program, the children are encouraged to be safe, be responsible, be respectful, and be healthy.

These morals and values are incorporated weekly by discussing "A Moral of the Week" and in this way children take initiative and responsibility. Grade two is a wonderful phase where children at Bishop Bavin School can use opportunities to expand knowledge and skills vital for Grade 3. The teachers are nurturing and encourage children to reach their potential and value their capabilities; as they move forward with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary for their progressive growth.

Grade 3
Simpson House's Busy Little Bees spend a productive day buzzing through activities in Mathematics, English and Life Skills. All learning areas are integrated in order to provide a meaningful learning experience.

Music lessons and computer classes as well as the teaching of swimming, netball, ball skills and soccer form part of the curriculum and are performed by experienced and dedicated staff members.

In our daily activities we concentrate on the holistic development of the child - social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. Academic excellence is one of our top priorities, but in order for learners to reach their full potential one requires gentle, caring, and nurturing teachers.

In the words of Carl Jung, "An understanding heart is everything in a teacher and cannot be esteemed highly enough."



Bishop Bavin Preparatory School

Grade 4 - 7
Parents can be assured that our Preparatory School Educators understand the unique needs of your child. We have superb experienced educators, highly skilled in academic, technological, cultural, spiritual and sporting pedagogies. This is perhaps the most vibrant area in which to educate as the children are eager to learn, please and they have a deep sense of ethics.

There is constant recognition of individual excellence and positive praise which is essential at this age. We offer much assistance and enrichment to children in the form of Academic Support, specialised language tuition for second language (Zulu/Afrikaans), specialised Language School for our foreign learners, an Educational Enrichment Centre, excursions, aftercare and holiday club.

The Preparatory School is a hub of innovation and hard work. As we strive for real excellence, we see how difficult it is to achieve. True excellence would appear to be an impossible goal to realise. Excellence can only be achieved when all the stakeholders are working towards the same goal.

The Preparatory School is blessed with a fantastic, committed and hard-working staff. Diaries filled with academic and extra-curricular activities, weekly standardized tests, weekly assemblies and chapel services all add to the routine that is the Preparatory School.

Our children are encouraged to realise that success, academically, socially and on the sports field, requires a lot of hard work. It is through productive activity and accountability that we succeed. Following a rigorous curriculum which combines both CAPS and IEB systems ensures that our children are prepared fully to achieve their best.

At every corner we attempt to extend our children and we encourage them to embrace a culture of life-long learning. In fact our main objective is to inculcate a culture of learning where each and every child is encouraged to give of their best. As we build on our successes, we should be reminded that it is not the destination, but rather the journey that is important!


Bishop Bavin College

Grade 8 - 12
Grade 8 - 12 Motivation is often defined as a need or drive that energises behaviour toward a goal. In the college, this is not just seen, but felt when you come through our gates. There is this 'feeling' that so many visitors refer to when coming to our school. The balance of holistic education is imperative and part of our success.

The college offers a rigorous academic programme according to the IEB system. Our Grade 12's write the IEB exams. We offer a variety of academic subjects in general fields as well as Sciences, Commerce and IT. Our Academic support programmes ensure that learners are well-prepared and are able to receive assistance if required. We also have excellent sporting and cultural activities on offer to provide a holistic schooling experience.

Our senior learners challenge themselves with additional subjects such as Advanced Programme Maths and/ or Advanced Programme English and we encourage our learners to extend themselves by taking part in the many Subject Olympiads we have to offer.

Our compliment of teaching staff is such an integral part of our success and the many additional afternoon, evening and weekend sessions with the learners, speak for themselves. We try our best to create an environment where each learner is recognised, encouraged and rewarded. We believe that each child in our college is unique and we believe that embracing their uniqueness will only bring out the best in them.





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