CBC Mount Edmund, Pretoria


Important School Information: CBC Mount Edmund, Pretoria


c/o Church Street extension & Cussonia rd, Silverton

Type of school

Catholic Christian Education


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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

Grade RRR - Grade 12 (Pre-Primary, Primary and High School)


012 804 1801


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CBC Mount Edmund is an independent English medium Catholic school that provides quality Christian education for boys and girls from Gr RRR - 12.



Our Mission

The Pastoral Care Team consisting of management, our Educational Psychologists, our fulltime Chaplain and Life Orientation teachers regularly meet to ensure that the emotional and spiritual welfare of our community is nurtured and enhanced. The College also affords all its Catholic students an opportunity to enhance their Sacramental development. The spiritual growth of each person is at the heart of everything we do.

Reaching out to others gives students at CBC Mount Edmund the opportunity to realise their own responsibility to assist those who are in need. Our value-based education creates students who are socially responsible and able to identify the needs in our community and to respond appropriately. The leadership style of the College is modelled according to the example of Jesus Christ and we instil an understanding of servant leadership in all our staff and students alike.

We offer excellent education with a wide range of subjects. Our staff are appropriately qualified and at the forefront of their fields of expertise. Our academic rigour is aimed at developing young adults with the ability to choose from a variety of options at tertiary level. Our annual university acceptance rate is always above 90%. All our facilities are constantly upgraded to ensure that we remain current. Our fully computerised library and resource centre challenge students to read further than the scope of the curriculum.

Our College Phases
Our Pre-School, aptly named 'Little Mount', was a welcome addition to the College in 2009 and now you can truly 'walk through life' with us as we take your child on a journey of self-discovery from the age of 4 to 18. Even at this young age we start moulding our future leaders.

Their spiritual development is already catered for and we enrich their lives through play and experiential learning activities. Even at such a young age we regularly go on outings and every child is taught the value of literacy and a love for literature is instilled in their young lives.

The Foundation Phase refers to Grade R to Grade 3. As the name implies, the Foundation Phase sees to the developmental needs of children. At the centre of the curriculum lies the holistic development of children and some basic skills. We promote equality of opportunity and values. One of the most important skills taught in this phase is swimming since the ability to swim can save your life.



According to Kholo, one of our Foundation Phase learners, he learnt in Grade R that 'God speaks all languages even spinach'. Even from this early age we encourage our learners to grow in their own faith. Our Catholic grade 3 learners are also given the opportunity to make their first Holy Communion.

Our Intermediate Phase runs from Grade 4 through to Grade 7. During this phase our learners concentrate on enhancing their basic reading skills and assessment becomes more rigorous. In this welcoming and inviting section each learner is given the necessary personal attention whilst given the opportunity to learn through discovery. We foster a love for reading and creative thinking. Through the Edmund Rice Society children are given the opportunity to reach out to those who are less fortunate.

A number of our learners regularly obtain their provincial colours in a variety of our sporting codes.



High School:
During Grade 8 through to Grade 12 each learner is given the opportunity to find their passion and grow their talents. We offer our Grade 8 and 9 learners the unique opportunity to already experience our Hospitality Studies Department.

In Grade 9 each learner writes an aptitude test at no extra cost and our two Educational Psychologists provide each learner with a report about their aptitude in relation to their subject choices.



Our Grade 10-12 learners may choose from the following subjects: picture of High School

  • Afrikaans or Sepedi as First Additional Languages

  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

  • Physical Science

  • Accounting

  • Business Studies

  • Life Sciences

  • Information Technology

  • History

  • Geography

  • Hospitality Studies

During grade 10 and 11 our Catholic learners are also given the opportunity to be confirmed by the Arch Bishop.


Sports and Activities

We consider all activities to be as much a part of the basic curriculum as any academic subject. Therefore all students are required to do at least two (one summer and one winter) activity. This is meant to encourage students to participate in a meaningful way to developing the whole person.

In the Foundation Phase we offer arts and crafts, junior bookclub, choir, percussion group, newspaper club, drama, ballet, mini and hardball cricket, hockey, mini soccer, totball, playgolf and learn to swim.

The Intermediate child can participate in the speech festival, book club, swimming, tennis, squash, cricket, hockey, netball, soccer, cross country and athletics.

High School students are encouraged, through our Honours Blazer system to participate in cultural and sporting events whilst they still keep an exemplary academic record and offer their assistance to the College and the community it serves. They can choose from a variety of codes: basketball, cricket, hockey, soccer, softball, squash, swimming and tennis. The College produces excellent public speakers. Choral singing is highly respected with a large main choir and a small jazz choir.



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