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Welcome to Douglasdale Nursery School.

You have just planted the first seed of your childs foundation. At Douglasdale Nursery School our learners are taken on a journey of holistic learning and interpersonal development. We ensure all learners are developed through a multifaceted approach ensuring that learners not only gain skills through play, but also formal curriculum based education and cultural development. At Douglasdale Nursery School we take pride in each and every childs achievements and ensure that they are provided with the best possible foundation for their future development. From their first finger painting to the first time they spell their name; Your child will be guided and encouraged through this journey knowing that they have a helping hand all the way.

Our Educators provide a nurturing environment required to build bright and confident learners. Your child will always know their teacher is there when they are needed. Small classes and a holistic approach ensure well grounded and confident learners throughout their development at this school. We guarantee fun! However we also ensure learners understand the value of discipline and correct social interaction with all learners. Douglasdale Nursery School is a safe learning environment for your child.

We offer small and specialized classes from ages 1 - grade R. At Douglasdale Nursery School our learners are afforded the opportunity to participate in many extramural activities and outdoor play. This ensures they are developing fine motor, gross motor and academically. For the last four decades we have ensured learners are provided with the correct foundation to contribute and be developed effectively in primary school.

Douglasdale Nursery School prides itself in providing top quality and qualified teachers and support staff. All of our teachers are highly qualified and are constantly being developed through formal institutional training.

Our principal and founder Elsa van Niekerk is well respected in the education industry and has consistently maintained her passion for child development over the last 40 years.

We look forward to having your child as part of our school family soon!


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