Fernhill Preparatory School, Ferndale


Important School Information: Fernhill Preparatory School, Ferndale


431 Elgin Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194

Type of school

Pre-Primary and Primary


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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

18 months to Grade 7


011 787 8295


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Fernhill Preparatory specialises in Foundation and Intermediate Phase Education. We believe it is during these educational phases where solid foundations are laid for everything that follows in life. Children are learning to learn. Our aim is to maximise the learning opportunities that will equip each child with the necessary skills for life-long learning. In the process we are empowering a future generation of independent, confident and skilled students who are enabled to accept and conquer the challenges of the 21st Century. see web site here


Fernhill Preparatory offers an enriched leading edge curriculum which includes Smart Words, Maths and the Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP). The PMP is one of Australia's most highly rated educational programmes. The PMP is a sequential development programme which aims to develop the child's perceptions and understanding of himself and his environment through movement/motor experiences. Children who enjoy the learning journey are happy, excited children who want to come to school and are enthusiastic about new experiences and information.

Our dynamic, structured, stimulating curriculum is fully CAPS compliant. It aims to be preventive rather than curative and your child receives ample experiences to master basic foundational and preparation skills in a number of areas. These include literacy, numeracy, motor, memory, visual, auditory, social and life skills. The child who masters these skills will have the self-confidence to explore his environment and enjoy his learning journey - equipping them for life.

To achieve these aims, Fernhill provides a stimulating and secure environment where children are nurtured into confident and motivated students who are fully prepared to discover and mobilise their God-given potential, gifts and talents. We follow a holistic approach where sound Christian principles and values are employed to ensure the highest levels of all-round development of the primary school child - academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Differentiated teaching approach

  • Own pace learning and development

  • GDE registered

  • Enhanced leading edge curriculum - CAPS-compliant

  • Internationally acclaimed Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP)

  • 29-year track record in ECD and Foundation Phase Education

  • Christian ethos underpinning sound values and principles

  • Music and music appreciation

  • Our approach teaches your child self-discipline to study and take responsibility

  • Cultivating a positive self-worth

  • A nurturing and peaceful environment

  • Experienced Teachers who regularly attend courses in First aid and CPR

  • Wide range of co-curricular activities

  • Excellent Security

  • Safe parking

  • Large and well-tended grounds

  • Aftercare facilities



Co-curricular Activities
Fernhill Preparatory offers a wide range of co-curricular activities on the premises. These activities are designed to maximise the benefit obtained from the curricular programmes. These activities are OPTIONAL and are therefore not included in the regular school fees. The only activity that is included in the school fees is Experi-Buddies (for Grade 2 and up only) and Soccer Starz. For more information please view the co-curricular documents under the Newsletters and Documents tab in the private section of this website.

The co-curricular activities are divided into Termly (payments are made over 3 terms) and Monthly (payments are made on a monthly basis)



Ballet is a wonderful activity to help children develop coordination of mind and body. It can improve and correct poor posture and helps to strengthen a physically weak child. It also gives children a sense of movement, rhythm and an appreciation of music.


Wednesday Mornings Judo
The Kano Institute is the most successful club in South Africa due to their commitment to make a difference in our youth. They have developed a specific programme to bring the basic aspects of self-defence to primary school children through the Olympic sport of Judo. Kano was the first Judo club to introduce judo into pre-primary and primary schools.




Modern Dancing and HipHop
Modern dancing and hip hop involves rhythmical and coordinated movement activities that build physique and physical fitness in a fun and exciting way. This high-energy activity is also great for cardio-vascular fitness and body awareness. This discipline teaches and requires the values of personal discipline and hard work - traits that are required in virtually every aspect of life.


The Beautiful Game

Soccer Starz provides an early training platform for children where they will learn various skills, not only in soccer, but other sport that involves playing with a ball. Trained coaches provide skills needed for youngsters to become more confident on the sports field. Children will be taught:

  • Eye co-ordination

  • Kicking a soccer ball

  • Turning

  • Shooting

  • Headering

  • Throwing a ball

  • Balancing a ball on his/her footMovement - running forward/ backwards, sideways and jumping.


These will assist in the development of body awareness and control, visual perceptions, motor skills and spatial awareness.


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