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Grayston Preparatory, Sandown

Important School Information: Grayston Preparatory, Sandown


Grayston Drive, Sandton

Type of school Preparatory School


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Boys and Girls

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Grades 00 to Grade 7


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At Grayston Preparatory School, our primary aim is to encourage each pupil to be a self-confident, inquiring, tolerant, positive, well-rounded character with an independent mind. A balanced programme of rigorous academics, sport and cultural activities enables pupils to discover and expand their own talents in a personal and diverse community, so that the children embark on their adolescent and high school years confidently and knowledgeably. Education, citizenship, diversity, participation and personal development are the underpinnings of the School and provide the foundation for each pupil’s growth toward becoming a responsible adult.



Our Vision
To be a leading South African Preparatory School providing a caring, holistic education, responsive to the needs of the individual and the community while embracing diversity, upholding values, building on tradition and recognising global developments in education and ICT.



Technology in the Classroom
Technology is an integral part of the education process at Grayston Preparatory School. Learners are first introduced to technology at school in their Grade R year, where the emphasis is on building their confidence. They are exposed to desktop computers using a Windows operating system, iPads and a Promethean ActivTable to develop skills and explore topics covered in class.

In the Junior Prep (JP) phase, we continue to expose the learners to a variety of devices and the focus moves from being consumers to creators with learners creating their own content on various platforms, such as multimedia digital books and digital drawings. They are also introduced to the concept of digital citizenship and safe use of the Internet. JP classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards and portable devices for interactive learning. Microsoft Office products are introduced and learners explore basic programming concepts.



Grayston Pre-PrepGrayston Preparatory has three different grade levels in the Pre Prep Department: Grade 000, Grade 00 and Grade R. Class sizes vary according to grade from 16 to 24 children per class. Activities focus on the strengths of the children in order to build confidence and prepare them for the years ahead. The learning experience is fun and interactive and the emphasis is on learning through play. The curriculum includes Literacy, Mathematics and Life Skills and the programme at all levels is a structured yet informal one.  Parental support and involvement at this level are vital. Parents are encouraged to participate in our daily programme by taking children to the library, reading stories and assisting the teacher in the class during our puzzles and games mornings.


The School’s co-curricular programme is an integral part of the educational process. Sport gives the pupils opportunities to develop values and skills that will be of benefit to them throughout their lives. We promote an outgoing, healthy, physically active life style where enjoyable physical action is the norm, where the place of competition is understood and where the countless sporting values learnt are carried over into one’s personal life. Cultural activities are offered by teaching and additional staff. The school attempts to find a balance between the sporting and cultural activities.

Sport is a way of life for a vast majority of children at a school. To represent the School, no matter at what level of competition, gives the individual a sense of belonging and a sense of pride knowing that he/she has contributed to the sporting life of the school. Learning to be humble in victory and graceful in defeat, camaraderie, pride in oneself and one’s school, expressing different emotions, forming long lasting friendships, boosting one’s self esteem and being exposed to different levels of competition are just a few of the values and skills to which pupils are exposed. Developing a sense of team work, the values of sportsmanship and decision making skills are critical elements of the sporting programme. It is compulsory for pupils to take part in sport and a wide choice is available. Exemption on medical or other grounds may be granted by the Headmaster. While participation in sport is physically beneficial, it is also important that enjoyment is derived from such involvement. Each class has regular Physical Education lessons as part of the morning programme.


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