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Junior Colleges is the ultimate national Pre-School Group that provides the opportunity to develop children to their full potential through love and respect in a caring, nurturing and safe environment. We catering for children ages 3 months - School Readiness (Grade 0)

Our aim as Junior Colleges is to foster and motivate learning and school readiness within a caring, nurturing, and productive environment. The children in our school are given many opportunities to learn through a variety of activities that are aimed to encourage school readiness, confidence, and emotional intelligence.

Our Ethos - We believe in meaningful, happy learning experiences that create a sound foundation for future education. At our school, we aim to develop and nurture children so that they will venture from our schools as positive and secure little individuals, who are able to face the future with confidence.

The Parent Partners: We believe in an open line of communication with all parents. The parent-teacher relationship is as important as the relationship with your children. We offer fun and stimulating holiday care at no additional cost to parents because we know how busy you are and we are here for you.

They're our children too: We treat your children as if they are our own. They are special to us and we make all our decisions in their best interest. Their safety, health and emotional well-being is our top priority. When you leave your child at our school, you can rest assured, your child is safe and well taken care of under the loving care of well-equipped and well supported teams of educators. CCTV surveillance ensures that children are constantly monitored while they are on our premises. Our school is linked to armed response to ensure the safety of our campus.

EDU-CARE-TION- Everything your child needs: Our aim at Junior Colleges is to contribute to the holistic development of your child while having their best interests at heart. We do not only focus on academic excellence but also know the value psychosocial development has on your child's overall wellbeing. Our educators are not only qualified but have hearts of gold and instil a holistic attitude towards learning, every day. Fun learning is our goal and happy children is our purpose! All staff of Castillian are First-Aid trained, offering parents peace of mind that their little ones are in the best care available.

We don't have open days, we have open doors - Current and prospective parents are always welcome to visit. We are happy to give you a guided tour of our facilities, this will enable you to get a feel for what we are about and how our school operates. As parents of our school, you are welcome to visit with the principal and teachers at any time. We love open communication lines and want to hear from you.
Castillian-Where learning Lives!

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