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We currently serve over 800 pupils on the campus; they range from pre-school [Little Flock] through to Grade 12 and represent several hundred families. Although predominantly Christian in conviction and tradition, it is by no means a pre-requisite that children must be of the Christian faith. Nonetheless, it is our conviction as an evangelical school that all pupils be actively exposed to the grace and love of Jesus, so no child may be excused from events or parts of the curriculum that have Jesus as focus.

Our faith is a natural part of living and learning. We do not restrict God's work and word to Sundays! Math, Science, history and all subjects are taught with the Independent Examinations Board Matriculation in mind just as with most ISASA-member private schools in the South African education landscape. Faith is part of what is taught, so aspects of faith arise in consideration of the core curriculum, and the Life Orientation programme is deliberately Christian in outlook.

Our academic record under the IEB is excellent, with a 100% pass rate year after year. Further, pupils score at and above the IEB averages in the main, and have gone on to universities across the nation and across faculties. We regularly receive notices from universities which acknowledge the achievements of some of our past pupils.



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