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1 Slabbert Street, Discovery, Roodepoort 1710



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Grades taught

Grade R to Grade 12 (Matric)





Type of School

Catholic, IEB



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School of Transformation aspires to provide a mainstream academic supportive environment for learners with ADHD and barriers to learning, where the children can grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.


  Telephone: +27 (0) 11 472 3524

Pre-Primary School

In the Grade R class of our Pre-School, we prepare the children socially and psychologically for formal education in Grade 1.

A structured programme, with English as Home Language (HL), forms the basis of the education offered in Grade R:

Music & movement
Perceptual training
Preparatory maths and writing
Preparatory reading
PT / Mini-Tennis
Religious Education
Book education / library
Class Teacher: Mrs Michelle Greyling

Foundation Phase: Grade 1 - 3
During the first three years of primary school education, emphasis is placed on reading, spelling, numeracy, literacy (written and spoken) and critical thinking.
A structured programme, based on CAPS, forms the basis of the education offered in Grades 1 to 3:

Language and communication - in English (HL), Afrikaans (FAL)
Life skills
Religious education
PT / Mini-Tennis
Music / Singing
Book education / Library
Grade 1 - Class Teacher: Ms Lameze Hendricks
Grade 2 - Class Teacher: Mrs Melanie Antill
Grade 3 - Class Teacher: Mrs Irene Rinkel
Computer Studies: Mr Glen MacNamara
Singing: Mrs Ronel Jacobs
PE (Girls): Mrs Anne Bezuidenhout
PE (Boys): Mr Glen MacNamara

Intersen: Grade 4 - 7
During this stage of primary school education, we consolidate previous knowledge, teach the learners study methods, and guide the learners towards independent work and self-study. Tests are written regularly and learners have to comply with promotion requirements. The curriculum is based on the CAPS documents for each grade.
A structured programme forms the basis of the education offered in Grades 4 to 7:

Language and communication - in English (HL), Afrikaans (FAL), Zulu (SAL)
Natural Science and / Technology
Life Skills / Life Orientation
Social Sciences
Religious education
Economic Management Sciences (Grade 7)

Senior Phase: Grade 8 - 9
A structured academic programme, developed from the CAPS documents, forms the basis of the education offered in Grades 8 to 9:


English (HL)
Afrikaans (FAL)
IsiZulu (FAL)
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Economic Management Sciences
Life Orientation
Computer Studies
Creative Arts
Physical Education – Boys
Physical Education – Girls
Religious Education



Can you throw a ball? Can you jump high and far? Do you like making a difference in a team environment? Then Track and Field Athletics may be exactly what you are looking for. The College offers hands-on, professional coaching in preparation for Inter High. Inter Catholic and Prestige events.


Children, who play chess from an early age, exhibit extraordinary memory skills and develop self-confidence through this analytical game. All our children, from Grade 4 to 12, are encouraged to participate no matter how well they play. Interacting with their peers builds friendships and a feeling of belonging. A child’s analytical skills, abstract thinking and decision-making ability improve vastly when playing chess regularly.


To quote W.G. Grace “A cricketer’s life is a life of splendid freedom, healthy effort, endless variety and delightful good fellowship.” Here at La Salle College cricket seeks to inspire sportsmanship, competition and test learners’ mental and physical stamina. But most of all it seeks to create gentlemen.

Cross Country

Boost your fitness! Discover your hidden talents! Participate in cross country. Run off-road, on grass, on trails through the lush large La Salle campus. Be part of the biggest participant sport in Inter Catholic. You will never forget the joy of running in nature. We participate in various inter school meetings and our learners continue on the journey of self-discovery.


Netball is not a past time at La Salle. Netball is a passion at La Salle! Girls receive top class coaching and participate in many competitive matches and festivals. Highlights include selection and participation at Inter Catholic festivals. Top players may be selected for district and provincial trials.


Soccer welcomes all players from the novice to highly skilled. We play league games and friendly matches, encouraging supporters to join us at home games.



Children derive great joy and satisfaction through singing as they learn that music expresses their feelings and ideas. Children sing before they can talk. A child will sing a story before they can read! At La Salle we have a junior and senior choir. Help your children feel comfortable about singing and so express themselves and learn about the world around them through music and song.


Debating is a stimulating, competitive environment where Lasallians can improve their public speaking dexterities. Debating provides opportunities to explore current affairs in an educational manner - debaters learn how to form valid, concrete views about the world they live in while at the same time training them how to weigh up the consequences of world issues. La Salle participates in the SACEE league and has an annual debating and public speaking showcase. Anyone in the high school, who is passionate about the issues that our society is currently facing, is more than welcome to join.


We may be backstage, on stage or front of house, but WE WILL NOT BE UPSTAGED. 2014 saw the birth of the high school Drama Club. Like any birth, it was not without some waiting, frustrations, kicking and screaming. We did, however, provide a safe, happy place in which a wide variety of learners could learn and grow. Script writers, audio-visual specialists, dancers, singers, stage managers and actors came together to create a totally original, world-first production: What If...? With over a third of our high school learners enthusiastically involved in 2015, we can only ask: What next...? Inter-house Drama Festival ... August 2015.





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