Lux College, Alberton

Important School Information: Lux College



47 Summit Dr, Rietvlei 101-Ir, Johannesburg South, 2053.


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Grades taught

Grade 0 to Grade 10


Boys and Girls



Type of School

Independent private school


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Telephone   072 539 6322


LUX College is a new independent school with an exciting and fresh approach to enlightening and empowering the youth. Our directors and staff are a dedicated team that bring together the perfect combination of experience and academics.

Mission statement
To provide non-discriminatory, affordable education to the Ekurhuleni South region and beyond. We aim to provide a high standard of education to learners in order for them to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes for their own development with the goal of empowering our students to achieve their very best. We would like to assist our students in becoming fully fledged, participating citizens in our society.

Our Vision
LUX College believes that our learners deserve the very best education, provided by our excellent educators.

Our aim is to provide a warm, supportive, enriching environment to allow our learners to develop and reach their full potential in order for them to succeed, both academically and on the sports field. We hope to provide the building blocks to assist our learners in becoming balanced, well rounded contributors in our society.

We understand that choosing a school for your child is a huge decision. In our modern world, we are faced with different options at every turn, and making this decision can prove to be a difficult and daunting task. In light of this, we have worked very hard, and we will continue to do so, at putting together a school that will meet all of your criteria and earn your trust. LUX College will endeavor to support both you and your child through all the necessary school processes. This includes the application process, registration, the years of schooling ahead that will truly be filled with fantastic success and then of course, graduation!!

Our school is still a young, small establishment with massive potential and the best team backing it. Our premises are quaint and our approach, innovative. We plan on fulfilling our dream of becoming a large scale private school without compromising our high standards.

We already know that we are a step ahead when it comes to quality, commitment, personal attention and reliability. Our wonderful parents and learners form a massive part of our phenomenal set up and we welcome new members to our team with open arms.

LUX College PROMISES you, the parent that we:
-  will strive to do our very best for your child
-  will provide you with the very best service
-  will maintain our level of quality and excellence
-  will never deviate from our vision, values, or this promise.

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