Maragon Ruimsig, West Rand

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Education is the complicated, multidimensional process incorporating the fine art of preparing and directing the developing child through a maze of developmental phases on their road to adulthood. The educator achieves this by managing the calculated use of various educational strategies as the child evolves, arriving at their goal, namely a state of independent, self-sufficient adulthood. The Maragon Private Schools Group identifies its mission as a calling to produce exceptional, mature, well-balanced young adults who possess a loyalty and love for God and country, capable of prospering in the world of tomorrow.

Gone are the days where school graduates can rely on or expect employment upon their final exit of the school gate. In a global village of billions of people, knowledge is exponentially increasing as a consequence of technological advancement. It is for this complex, challenging world of tomorrow, that educators prepare our youth. Adults of tomorrow will have to cope with a "future shock", solving tomorrow's problems, today, in order to cope with the legacy of our generation.



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