Linden Primary and High, Benoni

Important School Information: Linden Primary and High, Benoni

Province: Gauteng

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Suburb: Benoni, East Rand

Type of School:

Co-educational primary school

Class size: 20 learners max.


Primary and High School



CAPS curriculum







Class Sizes
At Mount Linden School there are a maximum of 20 learners during lesson time. We follow the Department of Education CAPS curriculum used by many local private schools. It is supplemented by additional memorization work ensuring that your child's capacity for conceptual understanding, concentration and memorization is increased with every grade.

Smaller class size means more quality time spent with your child.




Regular Reward Time
Regular reward time allows our children to take very short breaks in between classes, where they can play and run. This increases their performance in class and motivates their good behaviour during lesson-time.


Compete Against Your Own Standards
At school, children are encouraged to compete against their own standards, making them develop their potential - instead of looking to others to set standards for approval.



Safety First

Safety is important for us. All school functions are during day-time hours and are kept to a minimum, reducing the pressure and stress caused by overloaded schedules. We value family quality time and healthy boundaries. Supervised collection ensures that our children are safer during drop-off and collection time



Initially a need was recognised for a school that used a child-centred approach toward education in the East Rand. The Montessori and Waldorf behavioural approaches were very influential in the way the school would 'set learners up for success'. A Department of Education approved curriculum has always been used at Mount Linden School. Many of the private schools started using these curriculums as ANA was introduced by the Department of Education. The need for small classes became evident from the onset. The needs of the Educators were also taken into consideration, since their stress levels influence the quality of education that is delivered.

As time went by, the Department of Education used a more learner centred approach that is holistic and our Educators that are qualifying today have this holistic approach as part of their University curriculum and training. It is so inspiring for our Educators to see the growth and development of this in our country.

Mount Linden School values your family time and hosts no fundraising/sport events that take up your "quality family time". Most of our families are hard-working folk, who appreciate healthy boundaries and predictable routines. The homework is simple to follow, tests are predictable and our projects are given at the beginning of the term - giving mom plenty of time to do her shopping for the project.

We hope to provide your family with predictable academic involvement that supports your family and safeguards us all from stress as much as possible.


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