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1 Erasmus Road Radiokop, Roodepoort   (See our Video here)

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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

Grade R - Grade 11 (Pre-Primary, Primary and High School)


011 472 3524


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A progressive conscious approach to  mainstream education




Our vision is of a dynamic, and powerful school experience where children develop the skills, knowledge and life wisdom needed to fulfil their individual talents, passions, dreams and potential, to achieve synergies throughout their lives through experiential learning and quality relationships.






Natural Dynamix is a unique, progressive, private school in Radiokop, Johannesburg, offering a natural learning experience. Our educational approach promotes acceptance of each child as they are, working with their strengths to improve weak areas. Dynamics are facilitated through small, multi aged classes , developing social skills, building self-value, and relationships.

We offer pre-school (from gr 0000), primary school and high school classes up to Gr 10 (in 2019), as well as aftercare and holiday care. We will offer up to Gr 12 by 2021.



Our intra and extra curricular activities include sports, drama, arts, dance,  organic gardening, outings, cultural activities, as well as community outreach to those less fortunate. Our relationships extend beyond our borders, into the community at large. We would like to build networks with other schools and to support and enrich our community. It is our goal for children from all walks of life to have the opportunity to experience our schooling environment. We have a dream to have 25% of each class sponsored, to allow children from impoverished communities, or children from single parent families, to attend Natural Dynamix and ultimately influence their communities to a more conscious way.


We teach conscious parenting courses, incorporating EQ based language and empowering parenting techniques.

We create an accepting, nurturing space where children, facilitators, parents, and families come together to learn and grow, where we embrace and manage change, growth and development.



Natural Dynamix is a school that works with children's natural state of being and embraces their unique personalities.  Children are designed to learn through play and movement. Children need hours of play outdoors, in order to establish a healthy sensory system and to support higher levels of attention and learning in the classroom.

At NDS children spend an hour before school, an hour at break time and the whole afternoon after school, engaged in play, climbing trees, building forts out of old tyres, chasing their friends through the trees or digging in the sand. All students participate in brain gym or stretching activities in their classroom each morning. Inside the classroom, they are encouraged to seek out learning activities that engage all their senses and allow them freedom of movement and independence around the classroom.




Children are inspired to grow their innate love or ability for learning and build their research skills through project based learning. They advance at their own pace, having days where they gobble up information at a speed incredible to witness and others where they find comfort in a slower pace and more consolidation work. Their work is explored through a variety of mediums, not just worksheet or paper based.


No homework is given, as we cover so much with our small classes and don't wish their enthusiasm for learning to be wiped out by homework. We have witnessed how this approach builds a desire in our students to do self research at home, which they then share enthusiastically with their fellow students during school hours.  NDS encourages children to have a voice as talking is another way to learn and inquiry is seen as important.


We provide children with advanced language skills, which allows for confident, assertive expression of their feelings and successful resolution of relationship challenges they face with fellow students. This support builds social skills and emotional and communication skills required for relationship building.


The children form solid relationships with their facilitators and peers, which enhances their confidence and ability to remain true to who they are.



"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value" - Albert Einstein




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