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Important School Information: Saheti School, Johannesburg


Province - Gauteng
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Type of School: Playschool, Pre-primary, Primary and High SchoolCo-educational School
Co-educational day school with a Greek ethos
: Mr W Taylor



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   SAHETI School is an English-medium, independent school dedicated
   to the pursuit of excellence, whilst promoting the ethos and values of



The school was established in 1974 by a group of founders under the leadership of Advocate George Bizos. Its doors were open to all, welcoming widely diverse communities to share in its values-driven, universal education. The campus has evolved as part of a unique design, which has attracted much attention and even professional recognition in the form of awards from the Institute of South African Architects.





From the outset, SAHETI's approach to education was dynamic and innovative. The school has become known for its enlightened teaching methods, consistent academic excellence and rich cultural life. The expansive grounds have allowed for development of enviable sports facilities, to cater for a wide variety of activities.


Today this vibrant school ranks amongst the finest independent schools in South Africa. Its enrolment of about 1 300 boys and girls is spread over a Playschool, Pre-Primary School, Primary School and High School.

SAHETI is situated in Senderwood, Bedfordview, on the eastern outskirts of Johannesburg.



SAHETI's Playschool is the result of comprehensive research into the changing needs of parents with regards to early child care: our findings confirmed a growing demand for a quality facility providing superior care and stimulation for very young children (14 months - 3 years). The Playschool embodies all these priorities, from building design, to learning and development programmes.

Situated within SAHETI School's expansive wooded grounds, the setting of the Playschool is both dynamic and in tune with nature. A distinct characteristic of the facilities is the concept of providing for the specific needs of each age group. The core of the building is an enormous perception room for the development of gross motor skills and rhythm. Designated classrooms for the three age groups are situated around this central point. Age-appropriate outdoor areas incorporate the latest equipment to stimulate creative and exploratory play.




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One of SAHETI's great success stories is the Pre-Primary School, which has long been regarded as a model of progressive, dynamic education for children aged 3 to 6 years. Here, every child is viewed as a unique human being, and the learning process focuses on self-discovery. An exciting broad-based educational programme encourages children to think about and analyze each learning opportunity. The children's environment is explored through weekly provacations, starting with the child as an individual and gradually progressing towards the community and the world at large. Learning is reinforced through outings, educational shows and presentations.

The Pre-Primary curriculum comprises literacy, numeracy, life orientation skills, perceptual training, music, movement, creative art and drama, with computer activities and sport being introduced in Grade R. Various extra-mural activities are also on offer. These include ballet, karate, soccer and music, which are available for all age groups.

The focus on sport at Pre-Primary level is on enjoyment, participation and the development of sport skills, rather than on competition. The teachers in Grade 000 and Grade 00 develop children's gross motor skills during their adult guided ring times. The goal during every lesson whether it be numeracy, literacy or life skills is to incorporate some kind of kinaesthetic activity into every lesson. At Grade R level, the children are exposed to a sport lesson every week, during which they are introduced to a variety of sport skills by SAHETI specialist coaches.


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A vibrant, happy environment is what characterizes SAHETI Primary School. The focus is to provide a caring and loving space with an innovative teaching drive, which constantly challenges the enquiring mind and nurtures the development of the intellect. Every opportunity is used to make the curriculum more meaningful, through special themed projects and "Learning in Context" days. Pupils work on research projects which require collaboration, respect of one another's opinion, teamwork and critical, creative thought.

A solid values system ensures the development of confident individuals with positive self-esteem who live out the spirit of our school motto "Know Thyself". We provide learning platforms where our pupils are given the opportunity to engage and connect with their peers and form healthy and meaningful relationships. Outreach activities and community awareness projects are embraced with SAHETΙ "ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ". Passionate and caring staff form the backbone of the enriched educational experience that SAHETI offers. Pupils feel supported throughout their learning journey. Close parental involvement is encouraged, thereby creating the "SAHETI family".


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Whilst the High School remains committed to producing top academic results, each individual is encouraged to aspire to excellence in his or her particular field. Independent thought and entrepreneurial spirit are valued and supported.


An extensive selection of subjects is offered to meet the academic demands of senior students, while innovative education practice by the motivated teaching staff challenges students' potential and the development of higher order thinking. The Grade Controller system facilitates both a close working relationship with each student and monitors progress and development. Staff are available for academic support after school.

A comprehensive Life Skills programme focuses on vocational testing, career counselling and informative talks on issues that affect young people. Open communication is encouraged as part of the process, which aims to equip students with the wisdom to make informed choices on issues affecting adolescent life.


The school campus has evolved as part of a unique design which incorporates award-winning, modern buildings and expansive sports grounds. Facilities include a state of the art Music Centre and a Playschool for children aged 15 months to three years.

Fostering a curiosity about learning has become the cornerstone of SAHETI's success. Pupils are actively involved in their academic explorations, whilst taking responsibility for their academic growth and development. Throughout the school, commitment and a positive work ethic are highly prized qualities. SAHETI prepares its pupils for the internationally recognised IEB examinations, where we consistently achieve excellent results. In addition to our unblemished 100% pass rate, the vast majority of our pupils are granted university entrance, and go on to excel in their chosen profession, both locally and internationally.

Participation in a wide range of cultural as well as sporting activities affords pupils the opportunity to exhibit their individual talent and to develop self-discipline while valuing the strength of the team.


Part of the SAHETI ethos is the strong cultural tradition built over the years. Stage productions are a regular feature of school life, from the Pre-Primary phase up to Matric. The school is known for tacking some of the most challenging dramatic and musical productions with great success.



Rhetorical skills are developed with participation in the highly successful debating and public speaking teams. A vibrant Music Centre offers private tuition in several instruments, producing spirited members of the very successful school bands. Our pupils are also regular participants in the local chapter of the National Eisteddfod Academy.

The emphasis in sport at SAHETI is on playing to the best of one's ability. We strive to develop our pupils holistically, using progressive methods to nurture individual potential. Expert coaching, as well as skills development is provided by full-time sports staff in a variety of sporting choices. The development of the very best facilities and resources is an ongoing priority.



A comprehensive life skills programme focuses on vocational testing, career counselling and informative talks on issues that affect young people. Open communication is encouraged as part of the process, which aims to equip our pupils to make informed choices on the challenges facing adolescents and young adults


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