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Telephone: +27 (0) 11 784-0452 or (011) 784 0453/4   Cell:  082 564 0163 (Tracey Watkins - Principal)



At Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College we as qualified teachers and educators, want to ensure that we afford all the boys and girls entrusted to our care the same opportunities that will create lifelong special memories to value and treasure as they grow. Our dedicated and passionate team of highly skilled staff hold Bachelor and Honours degrees and all have specialised in education, ensuring that your child is afforded access to a world-class education, in a unique school setting. We are registered with ISASA as in independent school.



Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College is a place of learning where acceptance and belonging is a feeling. We value uniqueness and encourage each child to walk to the beat of their own drum. In a dynamic and stimulating environment, we provide a holistic and balanced education of body, mind and spirit. We educate our learners for life and are committed to also being lifelong learners ourselves, modelling best practice in all areas. We help young people to become happy, confident and competent people with hope and personal integrity. Instilling a deep sense of justice, compassion and social responsibility to essentially contribute positively to the world around them. We are united around a set of values that shape our vision and practice of education.



Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College prides itself on equipping each child that passes through its gates with persistence, steadfastness and resilience. Each learners ability to be CONSTANT in their practice of sports, cultural activities and their school work is encouraged. The ability to remain committed even under difficult circumstances is supported and promoted.


FEARLESS in the face of adversity is a core value here at Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College in an ever-changing world where our children are under constant pressure to thrive and perform. We stand behind each child as they face their own challenges and natural shifts in life and the surrounding environment.



Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College specialises in early childhood and preparatory school education. We inspire each child towards a lifetime of learning, preparing children for the world they will inherit. By igniting young minds we deliver serious education wrapped in the wonder of childhood.

Through sport, cultural engagements and education each young learner is exposed to a variety of offerings to spark an interest in each of them.

We want our learners to have a positive self-esteem, equipped with all the essential skills needed to lead successful, happy lives. We instil a hunger for learning, development and being able to compete against any odds.



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At Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College we focus on the individual child. We take great pride in the achievements of each girl and boy, with a holistic approach of the child to ensure they reach their full potential..


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