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Sparrow Schools is located in Melville and Sophiatown, Johannesburg and caterers for children with learning difficulties. It offers affordable, quality special needs education to learners unable to access specialised services, given the rising cost of remedial teaching and learning facilities.

The Foundation School caters for grade 1 to 7 remedial learners. A combination of well trained, caring teachers and small classes ensure that all children benefit from learning and psychosocial support in creative ways across the school. The Foundation School is able to offer a holistic learning experience both through the adapted CAPS curriculum and vibrant cultural and sporting programmes.

The Combined Technical Skills School caters to remedial children between the ages of 14 and 18 (years 1 - 4). It provides mainstream subjects alongside a heavy skills-based training curriculum, of Hospitality, Office Administration, and Wholesale and Retail, allowing the learners to gain an employable skill. In addition, the Foundation Learning Competency (FLC) NQF2 programme is offered to year 4 learners. As a whole, these programmes enable learners with barriers to learning to access further technical education improving their ability to become active members of the economy.


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