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Rosettenville, Johannesburg


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Grades Nursery


Grades Prep

Grade 1-7

Grades College

8-12 (IEB and Cambridge)

Ages Nursery

Grade 000 - Grade R

Ages Prep

Grade 1 - Grade 7

Ages College

Grade 8 - Grade 12


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Thomas Hagspihl


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St Martin's School traces its origins back to the foundation of St Agnes School for the training of domestic helpers in 1908.
A few years later in 1911, St Peter's Priory and College were added, offering a boarding-based high school education to the young men who came from the length and breadth of South Africa.


It soon became known as the "Black Eton" where academic achievements were espoused. The list of the early alumni is impressive, the likes of Oliver Tambo, Fikile Bam and Hugh Masekela, as well as many of our former students, hold key positions in government and in large international corporations. The apartheid policies of the National Party regime put pressure on the school and it was closed in 1956. However, the Anglican Church ensured that education continued in this attractive part of southern Johannesburg. The buildings reopened for business in 1958 when St Martin's School was born.



High School
In line with the requirements of the new curriculum, the High School has moved away from the traditional model of educators dispensing knowledge to passive and obedient students. Instead, a dynamic learning environment has been created in which meaningful and realistic learning experiences take place. Equally, great emphasis is placed on the all-round development of each individual and much care is taken to nurture a sense of purpose and identity within each student. In addition, a partnership of co-operation is established between students, teachers and parents, in order to monitor and promote the child's sense of motivation and commitment. Class size is typically no more than 20 students. In order to broaden learning experiences and to facilitate outdoor awareness, excursions and field trips are undertaken in all grades on a regular basis. Periodic visits are also undertaken to exhibitions, shows and places of interest.



Preparatory School
Welcome to St Martin's Preparatory School, and to our section of the St Martin's School website. Here you will get an idea of the wonderful family atmosphere that makes this vibrant little school such a joy to be a part of. We cater for boys and girls from Grade 000 to 7, and in the course of each of their respective ten year journeys with us, we more than adequately prepare our charges for the day they will enter our Senior School in Form 1 (Grade 8), and beyond. Being an Anglican Church School, and thus based on a spiritual foundation which reflects the gospels, St Martin's Prep duly offers an education based on what we see as the four major aspects of a child's prep schooling career, namely academics, sports, culture and spirituality. As a result, our children leave us well-rounded and grounded with a sense of worth and purpose. Ours is a secure and happy environment wherein each child is provided with super opportunities to reach his or her full potential. In 2012 we were voted the school of cool by 94.7 FM. We are not only cool; we are a school where there is energy, laughter, and a sense of family.




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