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Grades taught

Grade 0 - Grade 7


At Summerhill we aim for 100% understanding and performance. Our goal is to raise the ability, initiative and cultural level in the education process, so that the student may thrive and be part of raising the survival level of society.We therefore make it our business to help develop people who can think, judge, express their artistic and creative potential, meet the sporting challenge and finally, value and conserve their natural environment and its living creatures.



Prep/Nursery: 011 468 1414
College 011 468 5986

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Welcome to Summerhill School Nursery Prep College Midrand Gauteng, a co-ed independent college, prep & nursery school situated in Carlswald, Gauteng. The College is an official Cambridge International Centre. The school was established in 1990 and adopted a unique study methodology, proven to remedy the “missing link” in education to help students overcome study barriers. At Summerhill we aim for 100% understanding and performance. Our goal is to raise the ability, initiative and cultural level in the education process, so that the student may thrive and be part of raising the survival level of society.

Summerhill Nursery School

Our Nursery School Pupils are children who can…
think for themselves, judge for themselves, express their creative potential, become technologically aware and value and conserve the natural environment and its living creatures. We emphasize the social, emotional, language, sensory, motor, cognitive and creative development of each individual. We offer small classes, a tranquil, secure environment, personal attention, gross motor skills through the “Buzzi Bodies” program, sports & games, swimming and soccer, educational shows, workshops and music. Summerhill School Pupils can think & judge for themselves, be creative, become technologically aware, conserve the natural environment.

Summerhill Preparatory School

Summerhill Preparatory School is proud of it holistic programs, developing students who can:

  • Think for themselves – Academic

  • Judge for themselves – Ethical

  • Express their artistic and creative potential as well as their involvement in our developing society and its needs – Cultural

  • Fulfill the demands of the technological age – Technological

  • Meet the sporting challenge – Sporting

  • Value and conserve the environment and its living creatures – Environmental

Summerhill Prep is registered with the Gauteng Education Department. School starts at 7:30am and follows a three term calendar. Admission forms will be forwarded to prospective parents once the enquiry form has been completed and an interview has been conducted.


Until recently, Summerhill was in an early stage of development and as a result was only able to offer limited sports to its learners. With us growing, we are able to offer a greater variety of sports and create a deep sporting culture that will leave a legacy and leave a mark on our community. This will require many hours of hard work and commitment from all parties concerned.
In order to achieve this, the Sporting Department will focus their time and efforts on:

  • Commitment

  • Uniform

  • Skills-based practices

It is our belief that if we can cement these values in our sport we would have created a solid foundation to build on.

Summerhill College

Summerhill College offers an international education which is an asset for those families who are faced with integrating their school-going children from one country to another. In South Africa there is an increasing demand for highly educated school leavers with the ability to think on their feet. An internationally backed educational system will give students an “edge” in tough job markets both here and abroad.

Summerhill College has always prided itself on being able to teach students using the best study technology available to us. One of the main aspects of our Study Technology involves teaching students at the right gradient or degree of difficulty, mastering one thing well before having to move to the next step.

At Summerhill College we encourage our students to take pride in themselves, their fellow students and most especially their school.
The College is a registered exam centre with Cambridge International Examinations. Cambridge qualifications are recognised in over 160 countries. We offer Checkpoint (Grade 8 equivalent), IGCSE (Grade 9 and Grade 10) and AS Level (Two year course. Grade 11 and Grade 12 equivalent). We offer a broad range of internationally recognised qualifications, both academic and vocational, designed to develop successful students worldwide.

Arts and Culture

The Art and Culture Department at the College is growing every year. We have a dedicated and enthusiastic group of artists, ably lead by Miss Mill. I am amazed at the incredible talent of our pupils and the ability Miss Mill has to inspire the best from them. The Drama Department is always a hive of activity and students love demonstrating their dramatic ability on stage. Mrs Muller has an abundance of energy and is always involved in one-or-other school production. The College has a number of budding young musicians who play instruments ranging from guitar, to piano to clarinet. We hope to have a formalised music department at the College in the near future. This is in the plans for our new buildings as we continue to expand. There is extra-cost dancing at the school where students take time out from their hectic academic schedule to express themselves on the dance floor. This includes all styles of dancing from salsa to hip-hop.

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