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Important School Information: Village Montessori, Centurion

Province: Gauteng

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Co-educational Montessori School Centurion, Gauteng

Toddlers Phase (18 Months to 3 years), Pre-school, junior and high school

Owner: Daleen Koen     Principal:  Bhavna Bhagattjee


  Telephone: 012 664 2944
  Fax: 012 664 6681



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Our School
The Village Montessori Toddler, Pre-, Primary and High School was established in 1992 and is registered with the Gauteng Education Department as an Independent School.

The examination body for our High School is the Cambridge International Examination Board.

Our Method
The school is based on the Montessori principles as compiled by Dr Maria Montessori, a well known Italian educator. The basis of the method is the viewpoint that each child has an innate desire to learn. The prerequisite to learning taking place is the existence of a prepared environment where the child can be directed and not taught.

Our High School students follow the Cambridge University International Curriculum from Grade 7 to 12. We are a study centre for the British International Distance College. Children are allowed to study at their own pace and in a self directed manner. Tutors are available in class and online. The Grade 7 students are included in the High School as their needs differ from those in Senior Primary. They also form a natural part of the 12 to 15 year old community.

Montessori education at secondary level has great relevance in our modern world. Traditional high schools prepare students for further studies: they do not concentrate to the same degree on guiding young people to independence and the ability to adapt to social life. Montessori education not only prepares adolescents to take their place in working society as adults, but it also continually prepares them to be well grounded and confident.

Our education goals try to include preparation for present-day and future living, adaptability to change, development of citizenship, development of self-discipline and development of personal as well as social goals.

In keeping with the above, Village Montessori School aims to:

offer an enrichment programme which will make the curriculum more meaningful;
encourage students to question;
recognise individual differences;
be facilitators of learning;
avoid an "explosion" of tests;
allow students to progress at their own rate;
allow students' own work time;
develop planning and problem-solving skills;
teach communication skills;
develop self-understanding;
develop motivation techniques;
use constructive methods for dealing with stress and depression; and
stimulate personal creativity.


We offer


Holistic education that aims to meet the needs of the pupils academically, physically and emotionally.
he prepared environment contains Montessori didactic equipment which allows concrete experiences of concepts.
We encourage understanding through a questioning mind.
Classes are small and consist of a mixed age group, fostering a community spirit and ensuring that the needs of every child
  are met.
Outings enrich children's experiences and the Primary and High School children go on an annual camp.
Chess is offered as a subject to all Grade 1 to 6 children.
French or Zulu is offered as a third language to all Primary School children.
All Pre-school, Junior and Senior Primary children attend music lessons once a week.

General Information
School starts:       
Toddler, Preschool, Primary & High School 07:45
School closes:       Preschool 12:30, Junior Primary 13:00, Senior Primary, 13:30 13:00 Fridays, High School 15:00, 14:00 Fridays


  • No holiday care is provided.

  • Aftercare is available until 17:30.

  • A cooked lunch can be ordered at a reasonable cost.

  • Staff/pupil ratios: - Preschool (3 to 6 years) 1:13; Primary school (Grade 1 to 6) 1:17; High school (Grade 7 to 12) 1:20; Aftercare 2:24 - This is a guideline only.

  • We have a three term year.

  • No school uniform is prescribed. Children have to be dressed in an acceptable fashion.

  • We encourage healthy eating and therefore have a strict food policy.

  • A variety of extra-mural activities are offered.

  • A five percent discount is granted on sibling's fees and ten percent discount on fees paid in full before 31 January.

Three month's written notice is required in the event of a child leaving the school.

Parental commitment to Montessori education is imperative. Parents need to reinforce the methods used at school at home as well. Parents are expected to familiarise themselves with the methodology by reading up and attending information sessions.


Application Process

We are selective when it comes to admitting students because the groups are small and we need to ensure that the appropriate atmosphere of learning and respect is maintained at all times. Only students with impeccable personal records will be considered. Our school is committed to building a close community and it is important to build a relationship with the family, we therefore also request an interview with the family before deciding if the family will fit into our community. Our admissions process attempts to gather a picture of each applicant that will be as complete as possible. It includes one or more classroom visits, interviews, assessment of the applicant, a review of the student's academic record and the recommendations of teachers who have worked with the student and family.

An application fee of R1 500-00 is payable at application. Once the application form is received a motivation form will be sent to the parents. Once this step is complete the parents and the applicant will be invited for an interview at the school. The applicant will then be invited to an assessment.

All prospective school students are expected to spend two mornings at the school to enable them to experience Montessori education for themselves before making a final decision. We also need time to ascertain whether or not the prospective student will prosper in a Montessori setting.

If your child is accepted the Good Faith Deposit (three month's fees) is payable within the time stipulated to secure their place in the school.

Preschool children need to be fully potty trained, three years of age and have a basic understanding of English.



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