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Located at 8A Morris Street, Woodmead, in Sandton, Wonderland Nursery School was established 18 years ago, and has become one of the most sought-after schools in the area for its high standards of care and education.

Wonderland Nursery School is situated close to Sunninghill, Rivonia, Bryanston, Morningside and the Sandton CBD. It has become a popular choice amongst parents in the area for an ethos that takes all the needs of little ones into account. The fine services on offer have been extended to other areas through the establishment of their sister school, Adventures in Wonderland Nursery School, in Northriding, which provides the same level of expertise.

Wonderland Nursery School was started to fill the need for quality baby care in the area. Over the years, the original school has grown into one that is the pride of the community.

At Wonderland Nursery School, children are encouraged to achieve their full potential. This is achieved in practice with the help of fully-qualified teachers and their assistants (who are assigned to every class), who display immeasurable dedication to the school and all of its children. These educators present the stimulating syllabus in an environment that is big, colourful, happy, loving and safe. The staff to student ratio is maintained at a low level to ensure that every child receives the individual attention he or she needs within the classroom environment.

Wonderland Nursery School is designed to be a home away from home for both children and their parents. The school adheres to the highest standards of hygiene, and all classrooms and equipment are suitable, age-appropriate and maintained on a regular basis to give parents peace of mind. Over and above this, the school takes the extra step in having an in-house Speech Therapist, and the close association with Occupational Therapists in the area, who are in on-going contact with the school and visit to consult with parents once a year. A private nurse visits the school once a month to give advice and give children their inoculations.

The school arranges educational shows every six weeks, and Annual School Fun Day and the Annual School Concert - all of which are long-awaited events throughout the course of the school year. Wonderland Nursery School also hosts a range of fun events including a Valentine's Day party, Easter Egg Treasure Hunt with a visit from the Easter Bunny, Baking Day Goodies, the Holiday Fun Programme, a visit from Father Christmas and an annual outing. Children are instilled with a sense of social responsibility from a young age - the school and parents work together to collect food, clothes and other goods for underprivileged communities.

Further to their interest of helping small children to develop and grow, Wonderland Nursery School has a range of extra-mural activities on offer including Pottery, Karate, Computers, Ballet, Cricket, Clamber Club, Soccer, Phyzz Ed and Swimming (on the premises, which takes place twice a year during the summer months, with a qualified swimming instructor).

Wonderland Nursery School is proud of the sporting and academic promise shown by its little ones. Some boys from the school have been selected to represent South Africa at the U.S. Golf Champs, while others represented South Africa at the Gothia International Youth Soccer Tournament in Sweden. Over and above this, Wonderland Nursery School children have been selected to represent Gauteng in swimming, district cricket and gymnastics. Academically, some Wonderland past pupils have been elected as prefects in both government and private schools, as well as a number achieving 'top of their grade' status during their primary school years, with some receiving scholarships at top private high schools.


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