Word of Life Christian School, Vereeniging

School Information: Word of Life Christian School


Word of Life Christian School was established in 1998 as a wholly owned ministry of the Vereeniging Word of Life Baptist Church. We strive to reach the community with the Gospel of Christ (non doctrinal) while providing affordable, high quality education, hence the decision to be a registered Cambridge International Centre. It is the desire that every child who passes through Word of Life Christian School will:


Learn about himself - his strengths and abilities.
Learn about the content of each subject.
Learn about the world and its diversity.
Learn about dealing with success and failure.
Learn about accepting people and their beliefs.
Learn about the love of a merciful and gracious Lord.


Our staff are qualified and continually pursue further training and professional development. We believe that children learn well in a friendly yet firm environment, one that is consistent.


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