Settlers' Park Pre-Primary, Pietermaritzburg

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Our vision at settlers' park pre-primary school Pietermaritzburg

At settlers' park pre-primary we aim to:

  • Create an environment to develop happy, secure, independent children with positive self-esteem and good social skills.

  • Develop the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual well being of every child.

  • To equip children with the skills they need to embrace the challenges of life and become creative, divergent thinkers.

  • Cater for the unique needs of every individual.

  • To develop happy, sympathetic and confident children who have a sense of purpose.

  • Employ caring, competent, enthusiastic and dedicated staff.

  • Encourage parental involvement and open relationships between teachers and parents

  • Provide education in a vibrant, multicultural, co-educational learning environment which fosters co-operation and understanding among the members of our diverse school community.

  • Be accountable to all stakeholders, including pupils, educators and parents and encourage accountability by all stakeholders to our school and society.


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