Sunnybank Play and Learn Centre, Newcastle

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Sunnybank is a place where numerous little persons over the years have learned to take the first steps into a bigger world than just home. They become confident to venture from here to "big school". The institution was established in May 1974 under the supervision of Mrs Bee Elliot and Mrs Renee Schwikkard and soon had approximately 30 children, most of whom were full day children. Granny Rynan (Renee's elderly mum) had a small flat here and cared for the very early children. She sat with them whilst they built puzzles and if they had built 2 or 3 puzzles before going out to play they got a sweet!

Sunnybank has always given children good grounding in preparation for Grade 1. Over the years we have seen many Sunnybankers who are now parents, businessmen and women bring their own children to Sunnybank because they remember their time here with happiness..


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