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Chartwell Country College is founded on the basic belief that all individuals are unique. We believe that all children are capable of teaching as well as learning, and we take cognisance of this in all our interactions with our students. Our focus, therefore, is on developing the individual, not in moulding them into the strictures of conformity or the traditions of an institution, expecting them to perform in areas they are clearly not suited to. Too often we have seen the breakdown of a child’s self-esteem, the labels that are attached and the medication unnecessarily administered to keep a child from disrupting a class environment unable to nurture and contain them. We at Chartwell have a group of highly professional and dedicated teachers to help ensure that all students receive the attention they need to fulfil their true potential.

  • School Type : Pre-Primary and Primary and High
  • Optional School Types : High School, Pre-Primary School, Primary School
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