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School Information:

  • Special Needs Education (SNE)
  • Christian/Biblical world view.
  • Founded in 2007 by Dr Beulah van der Westhuizen.
  • Small classes (max 1:8 educator to learner ratio).
  • Neurodevelopmental educational approach.
  • Not a formal academic programme.
  • International ASDAN courses and an in-house functional curriculums to support learner independence outcomes.

“Walking your child’s journey.”

EduExcellence will walk with your child through their educational journey to excellence and wholeness.

Our EduSkills Centres support learners from approximately age 5 years old to 21 years. The Centre is for learners who will not follow a fixed academic curriculum to obtain standardized results (i.e. national or international set exams). Instead we focus on an in-house curriculum of functional literacy, numeracy, and independent living skills.

Our educational neurodevelopment approach (understanding how the brain learns) is still used to assist our EduSkills learners develop their optimal potential.

We love being…

  • Christ focused with a Biblical world view.
  • Child-centred, helping each child to functional at their optimal performance.

We love providing…

  • Small classes where each child can be truly seen and understood.
  • Individual Development Map, showing our plan for each learner’s journey.
  • A home-like environment where learners can feel spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and academically safe.

We love…

  • Nurturing hearts.
  • Equipping hands.
  • Expanding minds and growing brains.


EduExcellence EduSkills Centres enrol learners throughout the year until October of the current academic year. For related policies click here..

If you wish to start apply for enrolment, the following 4-step process should be followed:

Visit: Please contact your nearest campus to arrange to visit the school and meet with either the Principal or Deputy Principal.

Provisional Application: Go to our website and click on the apply button – complete the form, attach the required documents and pay the application fee

Enrolment Interview: You will be contacted for a suitable interview date.

Acceptance: Within 24 hours you will be informed of the outcome of the Enrolment Interview.

Please click here to start your enrolment application.


Learners are group in our various centres by a combination of age and ability. This is done to provide each individual learner but also the group of learners the best environment for them to thrive socially, emotionally and cognitively.

The Campus supports the following centres and programmes:

  • Nursery EduSkills Centre
    • Nursery Programme
  • Junior EduSkills Centre
    • Junior Programme
    • Middle 1 Programme
  • Senior EduSkills Centre
    • Middle 2 Programme
    • Senior Programme


EduExcellence actively promotes and supports all learners to be involved in extra mural activities. This will allow them to be physically active and engaged in activities that they can enjoy and excel in. However, EduExcellence staff do not offer such activities as part of the school fee structure.







  • School Type : Pre-Primary and Primary and High
  • Optional School Types : Cambridge School, High School, IEB, Pre-Primary School, Primary School, Special Needs Schools
  • Featured School : Yes