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Montessori Africa is a private prep school in that offers private schooling for children younger than 13 years of age. Montessori schools are private schools; also know as independent schools.

  • Whilst there are boundaries, the child has the freedom to choose his own work.
  • Each child learns at his own pace, as quickly or as slowly as he needs to.
  • There is a focus on self-discipline and an inner or intrinsic motivation to work and to obey.
  • Learning is both left and right brained and fun. (logical and creative)
  • The classes are arranged by stage not age and are fluid.
  • The children learn through doing and have the freedom to move about.
  • The child inspires the art and the interpretation is the child’s. The adult gives the child the tools and he does the rest.
  • School Type : Pre-Primary
  • Optional School Types : Pre-Primary School
  • Featured School : No