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The privilege of parenthood brings with it the responsibility of planning for the future of our children. Difficult decisions must often be made, with the only guideline being the fact that whatever choices we make, our children deserve only the best. At home, we ensure that the values we instil equip them for the future. It is, however, the time they spend with others – educators and friends that concern us most, for they are beyond our control.

This is why the choice of a place or learning is possibly the most important decision any parent can make, as this decision will ultimately affect a Iearner’s ability to succeed in life. At Parklands College, we offer complete peace of mind, not only preparing the child academically but also emotionally, socially, morally and physically, in preparation for life’s challenges.

“Reaching Outwards, Growing Minds, Building Futures”

Grades 0000 – R (12 months – 6 years)

Christopher Robin Pre-Primary School was established in 1980 as a progressive and dynamic place of learning. It offers a nurturing, positive environment where children have a sense of belonging. Our pre-primary provides a safe and emotionally secure setting that encourages the development of the whole child: emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. With lots of time for uninterrupted, child-directed play, this is an opportunity for them to interact socially and engage with their friends. Exploration of a wide variety of equipment available for the children promotes healthy, physical bodies, developing flexibility, endurance, and strength. Playtime is also an important opportunity for children to become independent, develop confidence, and demonstrate creativity. We know that children begin to learn as soon as they are born, and that in the early years the foundation is laid for a child’s future development and success. Building a child’s physical, language, and social skills prepares him or her for the academic, cultural, and sporting opportunities offered in primary school. At Christopher Robin Pre-Primary we approach these goals with passion, care and commitment.

Grades 1-6

We believe that effective teaching involves passion, knowledge, skill, discipline, motivation and care. Our educators foster high expectations of the learners and rigorously continue to promote the culture of excellence that pervades the very essence of our school. Our vision is one in which the holistic education of the individual goes beyond academic excellence. A healthy balance exists between the different spheres in our school whereby emphasis is placed on achievement on an individual and a collective level. This is achieved by the growth of self-esteem and the realisation of each individual’s potential. We believe that innovative approaches and pioneering methods along with the acquisition of certain fundamental skills are necessary for the success of a school thereby ensuring that Parklands College continues to remain a forerunner in educational innovation.

Grades 7-12

The Secondary Faculty provides a distinctive academic experience for our learners. The academic programme gives each learner a firm grasp of fundamental skills, the ability to think critically, innovatively, and independently, and fosters a love of learning. Educators create learning activities that are motivational, technology-rich, and aligned to the needs of 21st century learners. Our educators offer a challenging and stimulating education in an achievement-focused culture. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and have high expectations of their learners. Each individual learner is valued, and student progress is closely monitored. The educators provide exceptional academic support, within the regular instructional programme and through additional tutorials that provide personalised learning support.

The Secondary Faculty follows the national curriculum, with a wide spectrum of courses leading to the National Senior Certificate. We endeavour to ensure that the choice of subjects offered is as wide as possible, providing for the needs of each learner. It is this breadth and variety, along with an opportunity to pursue subjects of choice, which encourages our children to become life-long learners, seeing knowledge as intrinsically worthwhile. In addition to the required subjects, a number of enrichment subjects are offered, providing learners with a varied educational experience that satisfies individual interests.


Learners are introduced to iPads in Grade R, progressing to the Apple One2One environment beginning in Grade One, where each learner’s device becomes a personalised learning platform. Integrated technology use becomes second nature as learners mature and utilise technology to acquire and demonstrate their knowledge and deepen their understanding of concepts and skills. Educators trained in the use of technology, enrich lessons and offer learners innovative ways to explore new concepts and develop skills. Learners are introduced to Robotics from Grade 1.

Throughout the College, learners engage in a variety of technology enriched learning activities through which they: Learn new concepts, Practice and consolidate existing skills, Create unique products, Explore new ideas and pursue curiosities, Engage in remediation and Participate in enrichment. For more information about the latest learner projects, please visit our One2One blog –

At Parklands College, educational technology has unleashed our educators’ creativity and innovation. Our teaching staff include Apple Distinguished Educators and Google Educators. These educators share their expertise with colleagues to provide a uniquely 21st Century education to our learners. Parklands College continues to explore new and emerging technologies in order to keep abreast of world trends in technology in education.




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