Why you should add your school to our web site
List your school on our web site for maximum exposure to the internet, both locally in South Africa, and overseas.

This site continues to out-perform every other website across the broad spectrum of search engines, including Google.

When parents do a search for a school, they are more likely to search for the term private school, then the term independent school. Parents are tech savvy these days and they also understand the need to add location to their search. So if a mother or father is looking or the top private schools in say Durban or Johannesburg they will search for:

private schools in Durban

private schools in Johannesburg


Typing in these search terms will result in this site www.saprivateschools.co.za coming up first for all generic search terms. The fact that almost every school that has joined this site as a gold member has renewed their membership every year since joining (some for more than 10 years), is evidence that the schools who have taken the chance, feel it is worth the minimal once off annual fee to be so well represented on the web.


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