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It is the privilege of the Headmaster, staff, Governing Body and learners of Kabega to inform you of the opportunities that our school has to offer.  Since Kabega Primary's inception as a parallel medium school in 1963 the school has grown from small beginnings to a school which now boasts a rich culture and pupil numbers which reached 896 in February 2018.

Kabega Primary has been named after the community it serves. The school emblem is the brainchild of Eric Simpson. The badge symbolizes learning, ambition, vitality, growth, hope, wisdom, knowledge and the trinity that exists between the learner, parents and teachers. 

Kabega Primary has numerous modern facilities.  Effective use thereof, in conjunction with scientifically based coaching methods, enables every child to reach his/her full potential. High, yet realistic academic standards are set.  These go hand in hand with accepted Christian values and moral standards.

Participation in sport and cultural activities is an important component of our educational philosophy at Kabega Primary.  It is through participation in these activities that team spirit, co-operation and loyalty are fostered.  Learners are encouraged to participate in one summer- and one winter sport or in one of the cultural activities offered at the school. The support that parents give from the sidelines in these activities is always more than welcome.

Parental support is an integral part of the success story at Kabega Primary.  Parents and teachers work together and without the support of the parents, all our efforts will come to nothing. Parents' involvement in the Parent Teacher Association, the Governing Body and their presence at school activities contribute to the success of sport- as well as cultural events offered at the school.

With eyes fixed on God, the teachers, parents and children of Kabega take hands and in unity we walk the road to the future.


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