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To me this year came as a year of improvement, progress and change, but if we are not careful with how we manage our time all of this will come as false proof. It said that "time is the most valuable thing" now we all have to us it efficiently by using those seconds in minutes as if they are not hours. As period of this year goes it will be better it what we will reap. Now we all have to utilise our present and don't be afraid to dream for the future. I have heard a talk about a ladder and levels, it is said that when climbing up a ladder one has got to be patient, attentive and very focused for so they will not miss a step and goals will be achieved.


When we were taught vowels at pre-school they were just meaningless letters. But today they are the driven force to climb the ladder, if we only look at them in this way:


  • A= accountability we must all be accountable for our doings.
  • E= excellence excel in all that you do because all is possible.
  • I= integrity be honest with who you are and your dreams to achieve.
  • O= obedience obey those who are above you and willing to support in every way.
  • U= unifier try to unite in all that you do because we are a team.

My dream is not mine but ours to fullfill.

By: Maweza Luyolo - LRC President


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