The Wendy House Preschool, Rustenburg

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A well established, English medium preschool for children aged between18 months and 6 years. The staff at the Wendy House believe that the first years of your child's education are crucial in every sense. It is during this time that the foundations for the future are laid. Academics are, of course, very important and we strive to teach your children everything that they will need to know for when they move on to more formal schooling. Just as important at this early stage, though, is the need to build a small child's self confidence, self esteem and general well being. Every child needs to feel safe, loved and relaxed in order to flourish.

Our school is a happy one where the children are provided with a safe and comfortable environment in which to grow and develop to their full potential. The Wendy House has been open since 1992 so we have a wealth of experience and an understanding of exactly what is required to satisfy every aspect of your child's school day. At the Wendy House the emphasis is on fun and you will always see smiles and hear the precious sounds of little ones laughing and singing.


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