Abeille Ruche School, Monte Vista

School Information: Abeille Ruche School

We have now also introduced a Grade 10 - 12 option at our school, following the Cambridge curriculum.

Our motto: "Growing in Wisdom", comes from Luke 2:52. This states the goal of Abeille Ruche School: that learners do not merely acquire head knowledge, but that they should be able to apply their knowledge in their everyday lives!


Our badge: The badge consists of two sections: a mountain and a honeycomb. Table Mountain is an immediately recognisable silhouette of Cape Town where our flagship school is based. It is purple, to symbolise the majesty of God. The honeycomb represents the beehive, a figurative representation of our education system and the method in which the pupils are educated. It is gold to depict the value of education. The bee in the foreground represents the pupils who, with their teachers' help, produce the sweet honey of education.


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Mission Statement
It is the aim of Abeille Ruche School to foster:

Independent thinking
Strong moral values, based on Christ's teachings
Respect for others
A responsible attitude towards the environment and society.

To this end, Abeille Ruche School provides:
Christian, not Humanistic education
High academic standards
Assistance with problem areas
Continuous assessment
Highly qualified, skilled educators

Applications for 2021 are now open.
We have now also introduced a Grade 10 - 12 option


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