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Important School Information: Premier College, Athlone

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We provide a high-quality educational experience for children between the ages of approximately 5 to 15 years. Chameleon Campus offers facilities to 250 children from the Educare and Primary School Education. We also offer Aftercare and Holiday Care for the children of our schools and surrounding communities. We encourage and support parents in their parenting skills, by organising ongoing workshops and parent meetings.

We follow the same National Curriculum (CAPS) as provided by WCED. Some children who are placed at Chameleon for mainstream education but, due to a diagnosis and who are not able to cope with National Curriculum, are offered an adapted curriculum to suit their needs. Chameleon Junior School has classes that are between 15 - 24 learners. Chameleon Junior School draws children from the greater Western Cape area.

Chameleon Campus has the ability for your child to be addressed by professionals such as Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist at school. All these professionals are independent and must be paid independently. If you require any other professional support, we could provide you with the list we work with regularly.

Our Schools are situated on 3 campuses, some only 2km's apart. Educare and Pre School's situated in 49 Stockley Road Kenwyn, 72 Fifth Avenue Athlone and 51 Eike Avenue Sybrand Park. Our Primary School is also based here and a map providing directions to our campuses can be found on the last page. Of this prospectus.


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